General Information Nov 30, 2017

An interesting discovery on happiness

The happiness index of Traphaco JSC’s employees reached 82.7 points, significantly higher than the average in the industry and the whole market.

This is the result of a recent survey on human resources at Traphaco and announced by Anphabe in September.

"After such a long time, the commitment, loyalty and ardent passion have become an integral part in the culture of Traphaco employees. That bond creates the greatest value, the sharing happiness. This was well-reflected in the results of Anphabe’s survey," proudly said by Nguyen Thi Lan, Traphaco’s deputy CEO, Head of Corporate Happiness.

According to Deputy CEO Nguyen Thi Lan: "827 persons, both employees and leaders, working in all sectors such as business, marketing, finance, risk management, administrative, research, quality control, manufacturing participated in this survey. The results show that, compared to other pharmaceutical companies and broadly, other domestic enterprises, Traphaco staffs tend to be more rationally and affectionately close-knit. The average happiness index of the pharmaceutical industry is 64.8 points (survey conducted with 1,749 people in the pharmaceutical industry) and of Vietnam’s labor force is 63.1 points (survey conducted with 26,128 workers in different industries), Traphaco’s is 82.7 points.

"According to the survey results, Traphaco employees expressed the most positive in three important indicators: Trust in the company, cordial attitude to coworkers and positive sharings about the company.

In the publication of the survey results on human resources happiness in Traphaco, Anphabe commented: Traphaco builds good trust in employees. Their rationally and emotionally connection, their long-termed commitments to the company is among the excellent group in the Vietnamese market.
More money is just not enough ...

The above mentioned results from “Survey of Happiness”, together with the business figures have defined the right direction of 2017-2020 strategy constructed by CEO Tran Tuc Ma and approved in the General Assembly of Traphaco shareholders earlier this year. In this strategy, besides the ambitious goals expressed in numbers such as: by 2020, Traphaco’s market capitalization value of VND10 trillion, total revenue of about VND4 trillion and a total profit of VND500 billion, there is an important part to address the human issues with the goal of creating the success and happiness for each employee.

Survey results: 81% of employees want to stay and work for the company in the long time and are not open to other career opportunities compared to the average in the industry at 58.2%; 87.3% of employees appreciate and enjoy the experience when working in the company compared with the average in the industry at 70%. This is really the great happiness to Mr. Tran Tuc Ma. Mr. Tran Tuc Ma acknowledged: "When workers in Traphaco are happy, satisfied with their lives and job, they will work hard and break through the wall of stagnation, reaching limits that are unlikely to reach."

Mr Tran Tuc Ma also said:  "Traphaco's strategy is successful or not, it depends not just on strategic developers like me, or the Strategy Board, but also on each individual in Traphaco. Happiness and satisfaction are all at our hand.”

The consensus in "trusting the company's vision and strategy" as well as "seeing our future here" in Traphaco employees' responses to the "private" survey was a great encouragement to the CEO Tran Tuc Ma. This belief reflects the expectation and also the heavy duty that Traphaco "citizens"  awarded to Mr. Tran Tuc Ma: The strong growth of Traphaco must always be accompanied by the happiness of the people who build up that strength.

Traphaco’s happiness at age 45:

Traphaco's happiness index: 82.7% (excellent)

Affinity index: 87.3%

Trust in the Company’s vision, strategy: 91.8%

Cordial attitudes to coworkers: 90%

Trust in the company’s reputation: 86.2%

Trust in senior leaders: 85.2%

(Source: Traphaco's human resources survey results published by Anphabe)