General Information Feb 27, 2018

The 63th Anniversary of Vietnamese doctor' day & the launch of the tree-planting campaign

"Planting trees" is associated with "Cultivating people" (For a 10-year benefit, plant trees, for a hundred-year benefit, cultivate people.) Each small sprout will together make a forest; each positive and happy individual will bring development to an enterprise. For Traphaco, human resources are always the top priority, given the most attention and investment to ensure a sustainable development:

Planting trees in springtime contributes to protecting nature and the environment and is closely linked to Traphaco's Sustainable Development Strategy; This is a regular activity undertaken over the past 10 years to build and develop medicinal plantations of GACP-WHO standard.

The 63th anniversary of the Vietnamese Doctors’ Day on 27 February and the launch of this year's tree planting campaign were organized by Traphaco Joint Stock Company at the most modern pharmaceutical factory in Vietnam at Traphaco Hung Yen. Attending the ceremony were Md. Vu Thi Thuan – Chairwoman of Traphaco JSC., Mr. Tran Tuc Ma – CEO of Traphaco JSC, Mrs. Ma Thi Hien – Director of Traphaco CNC JSC, Mrs. Hoang Thi Ruoc – Director of Traphaco Hung Yen Co., Ltd. with the participation of over 100 employees of the 3 companies.

Shortly after the commencement of the tree planting campaign pronounced by the leaders, all the staff participated in planting nearly 1,000 plants of polyscias fruticosa (đinh lăng) on the factory campus. This type of plant is grown following the GACP - WHO standard, which has been observed for many years; they have good quality and functions as the main raw material for the production of medicinal products that help to improve cerebral blood circulation. It is estimated that annually, approximately 600 million tablets of Cebraton are used by the community, which is highly effective in the treatment of cerebral and cerebrovascular diseases.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Tran Tuc Ma – CEO of Traphaco JSC said: "Celebrating Vietnamese Doctors’ Day and organizing the tree-planting campaign have been an annual activity in Traphaco for more than 10 years. This is a chance to honor doctors and express the viewpoint of sustainable development of Traphaco: exploiting medicinal resources in combination with conservation, contributing to building a green and happy working environment of Traphaco. He hopes that Traphaco will uphold this event an annual activity of the Company; there will be a preliminary report on the number of ideas for the annual emulation program registered on the celebration of Doctors’ Day on February 27; The prizes will be awarded on the traditional day of Traphaco on November 28 annually. So that this activity helps to develop Traphaco’s culture, contributing to the corporate culture."

Following the launch of this tree-planting campaign, a series of plant-growing activities will take place in Nam Dinh, Can Tho (polyscias fruticosa), Lao Cai (actiso, angelica sinensis, ampelopsis cantoniensis), Phu Yen (glinus oppositifolius), and Hoa Binh (convolvulaceae).

The GreenPlan Project of Traphaco:

With the objective of developing Green Plantation Zones, Traphaco has implemented the project "Research and Develop the Sustainability of Traphaco’s Source of Medicinal Materials" (shortened as GreenPlan). After nearly 10 years of implementing GreenPlan, Traphaco has developed a raw material area of ​​over 36,300 hectares, of which 36,200 hectares meets the GACP-WHO standard for harvesting and 104 hectares GACP-WHO standard for growing (Actiso, polyscias fruticosa and convolvulaceae).

In 2017, the yield of controlled medicinal herbs from the growing/harvesting areas including those of GACP-WHO standards reached 2,989 tons (accounting for 88.4% of the total production demand); The total material demand for production is 3,383 tons, including more than 100 kinds of medicinal plants. "100% of raw materials are controlled to meet quality standards; domestically-made materials accounted for 91.3% of the total production demand; areas of medicinal plants are located in 24 provinces across Vietnam.

Traphaco is cooperating with more than 675 households to collect GACP-WHO medicinal plants, and thousands of households are harvesting/collecting medicinal plants following the GACP-WHO standard. The Company provides stable incomes for local farmers/collectors and moreover, the Company enriches the households in the raw material areas where it leaves its footprint, ranging from VND 8.6 million to VND 16.6 million/ha/month. Siding with the sustainable development strategy of Traphaco, the farmers and staff of the Company are participating in the Green Supply Chain to ensure their "sustainable employment."

In the future, besides ensuring the quality and quantity of input materials to stabilize the production and trading of pharmaceutical products, the Company will supply the local market with pharmaceuticals under the name Traphaco, and the international market with products under Vietnamese names. Finally, the sustainable development strategy of "the Path of Green Health" will bring Traphaco to the destination: for the green environment, the health of the community, and the prosperity of the country.

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