General Information Mar 17, 2018

Boganic of Traphaco was honored in the top 10 Vietnamese brand name for the second time

On March 17th, 2018, at the Hanoi Opera House, the Central Steering Committee of the campaign "Buy Vietnamese" and the Ministry of Industry and Trade solemnly held the award ceremony for "The typical services and goods of Vietnam" in response to the campaign. Traphaco's brand of liver tonic Boganic continues to be honored among the top 10 products of outstanding brand of Vietnam.

The program was launched in October 2017 and has received nearly 300 nominations from Vietnam Fatherland Front Committees, provincial Departments of Industry and Trade, industry associations, and individuals after 4 months of implementation.

Based on the results of the meeting between the Evaluating Council and the Organizing Committee, 96 enterprises were rewarded the prize, 10 of them were awarded the title Enterprise with the Best Service of Vietnam, another 10 enterprises were awarded the title Enterprise with the Best Product of Vietnam, 76 enterprises won the title Outstanding Business Brand Award.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Vuong Dinh Hue - Politburo Member, Deputy Prime Minister affirmed the fact that Vietnamese goods are receiving greater favor of consumers throughout the country. This is a result of prompt and precise directions from the Party, Government, Steering Committee, ministries, sectors and local civil officers. It’s also thanks to the great effort of the enterprise community in changing production methods, applying new technologies, using high quality materials and inputs, especially Vietnamese traditional ones, constantly improving the quality of products and services with the development of retail systems, bringing Vietnamese goods to consumers across the country.

Being the only representative of the pharmaceutical industry, Traphaco’s Boganic continue to be recognized as a typical Vietnamese brand with determined efforts to invest in production technology and product quality to achieve high growth. The reward also acknowledged Traphaco’s contribution in the successful implementation of the campaign after 8 years since the launching day. 

Over the past 19 years, Traphaco's Boganic has always received the trust and support from consumers, as evidenced by many consecutive years (from 2013) holding the No. 1 position in revenue in this hepatogenous segment. Regarding Boganic in particular and the products by Traphaco in general, we always ensure the goal: Traphaco products prioritize Vietnamese with all the medicinal, economical and social values, suitable for and cater to them. It is the responsibility to reduce poverty, create jobs, and increase income for farmers. It is the task of preserving the genetic resources of medicinal plants, upholding Vietnamese medicine essence and indigenous knowledge in using medicinal plants. Boganic aims at sustainability, linking economic development with social responsibility, environmental protection and biodiversity. Boganic is proud to be 100% Vietnamese brand with innovative formula of Vietnamese scientists, produced entirely in Vietnam under GACP-WHO standard and served for the health and well-being of Vietnamese. "Research on the production of liver medicine from medicinal Vietnam - Boganic detoxification" won the first prize - VIFOTEC Science and Technology Award. This well reflects the criterion of the "Top 10 Best Vietnamese Brands" Award: the products that represent the National Brand, firstly it must care for particular needs of Vietnamese people, with proper economic and social values.