General Information Mar 22, 2018

Top 50 Vietnamese attractive employers in 2017

On March 22, 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City, Anphabe, a job search and site review company, held the conference on Vietnam’s Best Workplace with the theme: 'Believe in change' At the conference, the awarding ceremony of Best Workplace of Vietnam in 2017 was held, and Traphaco JSC was honored Top 50 Attractive Employers of Vietnam.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan - Deputy CEO of Traphaco JSC received the title of Top 50 Vietnamese Attractive Employers in 2017

This is the result of the survey on Best Workplace of Vietnam conducted by Anphabe in collaboration with Intage. This survey has been conducted annually for five years and the 2017 survey was the largest ever conducted. 2017 was the first time Anphabe collaborated with Intage, Japan’s largest market research and big solutions company, in conducting a survey of 62,268 respondents, who are experienced workers of 25 different careers. The survey, with in-depth analysis and continuous improvement, assesses the health of Employers’ Brands and the Level of Happiness of employees in more than 500 leading companies through the key factors affecting the Work Environment. The survey’s methodology and results are verified by Intage, the reputable market research partner.

The measurement of the best workplace category is based on the evaluation of each enterprise’s attractiveness given by the employees in each industry following the model: Recognition - Interest - Aspiration - Application.

Top 50 Vietnamese Attractive Employers in 2017

For the category "Vietnamese Attractive Employer", besides the index on attractiveness, employees’ evaluation, which is based on 45 criteria in 6 different aspects, Corporate Reputation, Reward, Development Opportunity, Culture & Environment, Leadership and Quality of Work & Life, is also added. According to the findings of the 9-month comprehensive research, Traphaco JSC was the only name in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry to be honored in the top 50 Vietnamese Attractive Employers in 2017.

This award served as fine evidence for the realization of one of the five strategic objectives of Traphaco 2017-2020: Traphaco-ers are happy and satisfied with their lives and work; Traphaco’s workplace is one of the best in Vietnam.

In 2017, the Annual Shareholders' Meeting of Traphaco officially approved Traphaco's Sustainable Development Strategy for the period of 2017-2020. Accordingly, Traphaco concentrates its resources and spread its values to achieve sustainable development on the basis of Modern - Professional - Streamlined & Robust; From that momentum, Traphaco can realize its strategic goal: "By 2020, Traphaco will have become the No. 1 pharmaceutical company in Vietnam in terms of revenue growth-profitability-and-market capitalization", and "Traphaco’s people are happy, satisfied with their lives & work; Traphaco’s workplace is one of the best in Vietnam ".