General Information Apr 23, 2018

Traphaco – The Brand of Excellence in 2018

On April 22nd, 2018, at the VOH Theater in Ho Chi Minh City, the Intellectual Property Association in collaboration with the Institute of Economics and Management, the Saigon Business Network and the Global Connections Group held a ceremony to announce and award the Certificate of Excellent Brand International Level 2018. This remarkable event honored the member enterprises that have overcome difficulties and seized opportunities in introducing and advertising their brands and services at home and abroad. Traphaco was honored with the 2018 Excellent Brand Certificate.

The award is based on 7 rigorous criteria: The legal documents of enterprises, the trademark protection, the commitment to quality of products and services, the performance of enterprises, the commitment to environmental protection, the commitment to building and maintaining the quality control system and the number of customers’ votes.

Traphaco is the first pharmaceutical company to implement the sales principle of mutual benefits. After going into effect for a while, this policy has gained great support from clients. Using high technology in managing the distribution system, the Company provides direct access and care to more than 27,000 pharmacies nationwide. According to experts, it is this strong and drastic step that has given Traphaco the most powerful distribution system in the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam.

In particular, to secure the state of being the pioneer in the industry, Traphaco has made great efforts in renovating its corporate governance system by applying advanced technology in production and business, namely: DMS - sales software, ERP- the enterprise resource management software, and KPI tools, etc., that help improve labor productivity, and build a professional and effective system.

Mr. Nong Huu Duc - Director of Ho Chi Minh City Branch of Traphaco Joint Stock Company, Representative of the Company - received the Award.

The 2018 Award of Excellent Brand has once again affirmed the position of Traphaco in building a quality management process to develop the brand value of enterprises, and proved the trust of clients in the products of Traphaco. This will be the driving force for Traphaco to continuously develop and bring to the market its products and services of good quality, contributing to the cause of taking care of people’s health.