»» The message of the final year of the term, 2015 “Develop corporate culture”, focus on the theme: “Cooperate in work – Share benefits – Commit to targets – Honor all commitments” with the objective all individuals and departments in the entire Traphaco network understand the activities of the Company, united for an objective, cooperated to create synergized power, which will be the catapult to launch Traphaco into a strong growth trajectory in the coming term.

»» The emulation campaign attracted 100% of employees to participate: with 200 signed projects, 20 winners, total prize value of over VND1 billion. Many projects develivered great results for the Company. Among which, the first prize belong to the project “Apply KPI in the management of the enterprise”.

»» Activities in rallying the Company’s tradition day: Selected 20 most outstanding individual to be acknowledged and given a prize, which is a trip to visit Bali – Indonesia and Singapore; Organized many activities, sports and art shows with the intention to build corporate culture, enhance the cooperation between departments/individuals within the Company for example:

The contest “bonding to show talents”, the soccer tournament, the tennis championship to improve the morale of the employees and motivate them at work.