• Headquarter: Section 9, Sapa Town, Sapa District, Lao Cao Province
  • Chartered Capital: VND16,800,000,000
  • TRAPHACO’s ownership: 100%

Main functions:

TRAPHACO Sapa specializes in the processing of ingredients and input

herbal ingredients as well as the researching of GACP for TRAPHACO.

At the same time, it serves as the center for developing farming areas

for herbal ingredients for TRAPHACO. The TRAPHACO SAPA factory

started in 1998 with an extraction assembly line, processing the input

herbal ingredients and with more than 4 ha of land for the test-farming

of medicinal herbs.

  • Headquarter: Tan Quang Commune, Van Lam district, Hung Yen Province
  • Chartered Capital: VND150,000,000,000
  • TRAPHACO’s ownership: 100%

Main functions:

Manufactures medicines, pharmaceutical ingredients

and inputs.

  • Headquarter: 9A Hung Vuong, Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak province
  • Chartered capital: VND19,415,880,000
  • TRAPHACO’s ownership: 58%

Main functions:

Dak Lak Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment joint stock company

has over 35 years of history, specializing in distributing pharmaceutical

products and medical equipment in the two provinces Dak Lak and Dak

Nong. In addition, the company has a sales network of 400 retail points

and 20 branches, locating in many townships and mountainous

communes in the region. Dak Lak Pharmaceuticals and Medical

Equipment joint stock company is a reputable brand to the people of

the Central Highland region. In line with the general trend of

development and integration, the company has opened a GPP-certified

pharmacy chain in the two provinces Dak Lak and Dak Nong to meet

the requirements of the Ministry of Health and the growing demand

of customers.

  • Headquarter: Tan Quang Commune, Van Lam district, Hung Yen Province
  • Chartered Capital: VND94,703,570,000
  • TRAPHACO’s ownership: 51%

Main functions:

TRAPHACO specializes in processing and manufacturing of

TRAPHACO’s products.The factory of TRAPHACO CNC, which is

located at Van Lam, Hung Yen, was first constructed in October

2004 and put into operation in January 2007. With over 10.000m2

of facilities and warehouses, the factory is comprised of 01 facility

 producing compressed pills for traditional medicines, 01 facility

for preliminary processing, 01 tea processing facility, 01 facility

for tubed medicines and another one for powdered medicines.

The Van Lam Factory specializes in traditional medicines and

has been certified with GPs-WHO standards in 2008. It is the first,

largest and most technologically-advanced traditional medicine

manufacturing facility in Vietnam.