News Jun 03, 2023

Traphaco kick-off digital transformation consulting project to 2025, orientation to 2030

On June 2nd, 2023, Traphaco Joint Stock Company and FPT Digital Consulting Company held a Kick-off ceremony for the digital transformation consulting project for the entire Traphaco system. Attending the event were representatives of the leaders of both sides, along with project team members of Traphaco and FPT Digital.

Delegates attending the Kick-off ceremony

The context of the industrial revolution 4.0 is changing all aspects of life, from culture and society to production and business. In the pharmaceutical industry, Traphaco has always been a leading enterprise in the "Pharma 4.0" trend - applying information technology in pharmaceutical production and business.
The goal of digital transformation for the period of 2023-2025 was approved in the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2023, stating the tasks of digital transformation in the following areas: Business development, increase customer experience; Optimize production and supply efficiency; Digitize internal governance, support decision making; Strong IT foundation and Building a digital culture, innovation. The project is a step to strongly innovate the process and way of working of the whole system, when implemented, it will need a big change in the perception of the company's managers and employees. And the communication session on Digital Transformation in Pharmaceutical Enterprises on May 12th at Traphaco was the starting point for that journey.
Through the urgent needs of businesses and the process of negotiating with large technology corporations in Vietnam, Traphaco's Board of Directors decided to cooperate with FPT Digital, to establish a Digital Transformation Consulting Project to 2025 and a vision to 2030. This event shows Traphaco's determination to upgrade to a digital business in the digital era.

Mr. Tran Tuc Ma – CEO of Traphaco spoke at the ceremony

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Tran Tuc Ma – CEO of Traphaco affirmed that with the desire to constantly bring value to employees, shareholders and the whole society, digital transformation is an indispensable factor for Traphaco's strong development. Traphaco will arrange human resources and related resources to meet the project. He believes that with the experience of FPT Digital and the efforts of Traphaco, the project will definitely succeed.

Mr. Hoang Viet Anh - Deputy General Director of FPT Corporation, Chairman of FPT Digital spoke at the ceremony

Mr. Hoang Viet Anh - Deputy General Director of FPT Corporation, Chairman of FPT Digital shared: he is very impressed with Traphaco's determination to lead the digital transformation trend in the pharmaceutical industry. He committed that FPT Digital would devote all its energy and energy to respond to this project, and affirmed that there are many more opportunities for cooperation in the FPT ecosystem such as cooperation with Long Chau pharmacy chain, using customer database. FPT's huge end users to bring Traphaco products closer to customers and consumers.

Mr. Tran Tuc Ma – CEO of Traphaco and Mr. Tran Huy Bao Giang - CEO of FPT Digital signed a cooperation agreement

The two sides performed the online contract signing ceremony to kick off the Digital Transformation project at Traphaco.
The scope of this project consists of two phases:
Phase 1: Survey the current status, assess the level of digital maturity.
Conduct digital maturity assessment across all Traphaco activities, grouped into 06 major categories (Strategy, Customers, Operations, Culture, Technology, Data) including 25 sub-categories with a total of 139 criterias. From there, determine the chart to locate the level of digital maturity and orient the digital items to be prioritized
Phase 2: Consulting to build a Digital Transformation Strategy and roadmap, including items: defining the Strategy, Master plan of IT infrastructure and application - proposing a future IT architecture model, Construction Digital initiative, Building a digital transformation roadmap from 3-5 years, Making a communication plan and guiding the implementation of the roadmap, thereby training personnel to carry out digital transformation.
Traphaco's overall Digital Transformation roadmap uses FPT Digital Kaizen™ methodology, ensuring specificity and ease of implementation, including a list of digital initiatives with detailed functions to solve difficulties, challenges throughout the value chain from supply – production – distribution, in business processes and inter-departmental/subsidiary interactions.


Traphaco has chosen 2023 as the year of Digitization and Speed, with the goal of applying digitalization and technology in all production and business processes. There have been 250 contests from the registration department, many of which have adopted digitization.
In fact, Traphaco has applied digitization in many stages and areas of business activities. Since 2014, the Company has decided to apply DMS sales management software, equip tablets, insert chips for Sales Reps, thereby managing sales and updating the system in real time. Traphaco also applied debt-free sales at that time.
In 2020, Traphaco will deploy BI software - a technology to analyze business data, understand and "personalize" products and services, improving the experience of customers and consumers.
During the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, Traphaco quickly established an online consulting department, built the e-commerce website, 24/7 online support, consulting and trading via digital platforms, support delivery of goods to customers.


Traphaco's smart pharmaceutical factory (operated since 2017) has so far applied almost digitalization and automation of the entire production process, requiring very few personnel, few manipulations, and limited direct intervention into production machinery.
Besides production, Traphaco has also focused on upgrading its corporate governance system through an integrated ERP platform since 2017. The ERP platform allows the company to manage the entire operation process (from project planning to ordering, production, and distribution), connecting parts in a common system. According to company leaders, in the near future, the ERP project will allow Traphaco to track and digitize most of its operations to solve common challenges in the pharmaceutical industry: managing product expiration dates, trace goods in the supply chain, update prices for different sales channels, forecast demand...
After 50 years of operation, Traphaco's premises include 4 factories with GMP-WHO standard technology lines, company management software with different systems, 1,700 employees... How to connect and reassemble machine systems, people can talk to each other in the digital space, so that every job position is standardized according to the process, neatly optimized. Traphaco leaders believe that labor productivity will increase, working time will be reduced, Traphaco people will improve their quality of life, feel happier, want to work and dedicate more.
“Traphaco culture is always “pioneer” in all fields. The spirit of daring to think, dare to do, dare to innovate and be creative has turned Traphaco from zero to a public pharmaceutical company”, proudly shared Mrs. Dao Thuy Ha, Chief Operating Officer.
This is probably the genome to confirm that Traphaco is ready to embark on digital transformation. Not only employees but also Traphaco's shareholders expect Traphaco to lead the pharmaceutical industry in digital transformation, firmly holding the position of the most innovative company in the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam.

Some more pictures at the ceremony

Mr. Tran Tuc Ma – CEO of Traphaco and Mr. Hoang Viet Anh - Deputy General Director of FPT Corporation, Chairman of FPT Digital presented souvenirs to mark the cooperation between Traphaco and FPT Digital

Mr. Le Vu Minh - Consulting Director of Digital Transformation, Strategy and Innovation of FPT Digital shared about the project

Representatives of Traphaco and FPT Digital took memories photos