News Aug 25, 2023

Ninh Binh and Ha Tay Provinces Pharmacy Customers came to the Traphaco Customer Appreciation Conference

After the events organized for the North Central region, in the last days of August 2023, the Customer Appreciation Conference series of Traphaco Joint Stock Company returns to the Northern region, for Ninh Binh and Ha Tay areas.

Ninh Binh Pharmacy Customers visit Thanh Hoa City tour.

Coming to Thanh Hoa, in 2 days August 17th – 18th, the tour and experience of Ninh Binh Pharmacy customers started with the destination of the special national relic site of Lam Kinh palace - the homeland of national heroes – King Le Loi, where the Lam Son uprising and the Le Dynasty originated.

After the discovery journey, customer Hoang Thi Hoa from Yen Mo, Ninh Binh said: "It’s the stress relief moment, very rewarding. I hope that every year, the Company will care for the pharmacy to experience it to reduce stress in business, bond emotionally with other colleague and learn from the experiences of experts.”

Customer Pham Thi Tam in Bac Son ward, Tam Diep city expressed: "I sincerely thank Traphaco Company for creating a meaningful experience for our pharmacies. I hope that after today's experience, we will grow and develop together over the years.”

Following the program, everyone moved to the coastal city of Sam Son to attend the Gala Dinner, a place of spiritual bonding and the seminar "Pharmaceutical industry development trends and effective business solutions" to update More recent industry knowledge in general and about Traphaco company in particular.

The program left many emotions for attendees:

Customer Tran Thi Huyen in Nho Quan shared: "Thank you, Company, for sharing useful business strategies, helping pharmacies have solutions to consider and change, for business development and more sustainability."

Customer Nguyen Thi Hai Ninh in Ninh Khanh ward, Ninh Binh city said: "After this program, I have more confidence in Traphaco's products. We hope that the company will continue to develop further, achieve many achievements, and contribute to people's health."

Customer Vu Manh Thang in Yen Mo commented: "The program is organized with enthusiasm, methodical, disciplined, and deeply interested in each drug store that is in need of long-term solutions and orientation. Pharmacies can feel secure in selling products because they will have policies from Traphaco.”

Customer Nguyen Thi Men in Gia Vien wrote: "After the program, I realized my value, my responsibility for taking care of community health, knowing how to create joy, and guide and advise customers better". Thank you Traphaco Joint Stock Company for giving us a trip to the conference that opened up a lot of knowledge. We hope that Traphaco will grow stronger and stronger.”

Customers in Ha Tay and Hanoi areas visit Ninh Binh

During 2 days August 20th – 21st, Ninh Binh country welcomed Traphaco customers from Ha Tay area and Hanoi city.
After the trip to Trang An scenic spot, the Gala Dinner night took place very excitingly, a place for the Company to thank, share vision with customers, as well as for customers to become more attached to each other.

Participating in the program, Chinh Phuong pharmacy in Thuong Tin shared his feelings: "Thank you Traphaco for organizing the seminar with a tour to Ninh Binh. By visiting and enjoying the specialties here, I have more knowledge about my country and feel the heart of your company."

The event schedule is also indispensable for a seminar led by speaker Loan Van Son with the topic "Pharmaceutical industry development trends and effective business solutions". This event is also an opportunity for Traphaco to introduce product groups, production processes and especially the Company's high-quality pharmaceutical production capacity. Through a modern factory platform, technology transfer projects and bioequivalence assessment research, Traphaco is fully capable of creating Western medicine products that have the same therapeutic effect as brand-name drugs. Foreign origin, but also reasonable price for Vietnamese people.

Listening to updated information, customer Duong Van Hong in Van Dinh, Ung Hoa commented: "Very practical. Through the workshop, I personally saw the shortcomings that exist in my thinking and work. At the same time, I was given a suggested roadmap to change and move towards more success.”

Customer Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen in Khoang Sau village, Son Tay expressed: "I feel that the Company's Board of Management really wants to accompany the development and solve problems for the pharmacy. Understand more humanistic values from the Company's activities, creating jobs for highland people."

Customer Hoang Thi Ut in Cao Duong, Thanh Oai said: "Through the companion program with Traphaco, I received great value in terms of knowledge, understanding more about Traphaco products, how to care for customers, and how to advise highly effective, creating prestige with customers.”

Customer Phan Thi Vinh, Anh Huong pharmacy, Son Tay shared: "Through the seminar, the pharmacy ourselves heard many valuable experiences to be able to develop better. Sincere thanks to the Board of Managements, pharmacists and Traphaco staff for organizing this meaningful program for the pharmacy."

Some pictures:

Customers take memories photos at tourist attractions

CEO Tran Tuc Ma spoke at the Customer Appreciation Conference

CEO Tran Tuc Ma spoke at the Customer Appreciation Conference. Company leaders and delegates opened the Gala Dinner together.

Customers were happy and excited with the entertainment programs and minigames at the Gala Dinner party

Traphaco awards prizes to lucky customers in the Lucky Draw program

Ms. Dao Thuy Ha – Chief Operating Officer spoke at the seminar

Expert Loan Van Son shares about pharmaceutical industry development trends and effective business solutions

Traphaco representative introduced the company's products