News Jul 24, 2023

Traphaco organizes Corporate Risk Management & Compliance Control Training Program

Recognizing the importance of risk management in the development of the firm and desiring to provide their employees with the fundamental knowledge and current methods of risk management and internal control, Traphaco Joint Stock Company has created a training program on the subject.
In 2 days 20th & 21st July, 2023, Traphaco cooperated with Smart Train training unit to organize the training program "Corporate Risk Management & Compliance Control". The training session was attended by Mr. Tran Tuc Ma - Secretary of the Party Committee, CEO of the company, with members of the Board of Directors, managers & some other main officers in departments.
Currently, with fierce competition in the global market, recessionary pressure and multi-dimensional difficulties from the economy, Traphaco in particular and other businesses in the economy in general, are more and more interested in building a Risk Management and Internal Control system to help organizations limit incidents, loss, and damage and increase operational efficiency. The course is intended to help employees:
• Understand the corporate risk management model according to international practices.
• Understand the steps to implement effective risk management and compliance control processes in the organization.
• Raise awareness in the organization about the critical function of risk management and compliance control by international conventions.
• After the course, the knowledge and content shared can help students apply appropriately and effectively in real work.
The employees were able to approach Risk Management and Internal Control in a proactive and future-oriented manner under the guidelines of Dr. Nguyen Luu Tuyen, an experienced specialist in Internal Audit with more than 15 years of experience, and learn in-depth about the following contents:
• The role of risk management and internal control in the organization's long-term success
• Trends of Risk Management and Internal Control according to international practices
• Risk Management Process
• Risk management framework according to international standards
• Fraud risk management
• Improve compliance control efficiency
With a diverse and attractive curriculum and modern teaching methods, the course has attracted all employees to participate in lively discussions. In particular, through the course, the participants gained an overall view of the current picture of Risk Management & Compliance Control at Traphaco, realizing that risk identification & compliance control is the role and responsibility of each individual in the organization.

Some images:

Expert Nguyen Luu Tuyen shared at the training session

Employees participating in group practice

Excellent employees receive awards during the training session