News Jul 28, 2023

Traphaco spreads the message "Proactively take care of your liver before it's too late" on World Hepatitis Day 2023

On July 28th, 2023, Traphaco Joint Stock Company accompanied the Vietnam Hepatobiliary Association to organize a scientific conference with the topic "Updating new advances in hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer". Here, Traphaco introduces to leading doctors and experts the products of the Boganic liver tonic line, adding effective solutions that contribute to the prevention and treatment of liver disease in Vietnam.

Attending the conference were Prof. Dr. Le Trung Hai, former Deputy Director of the Military Medical Department, former Deputy Director of Military Hospital 103 - Chairman of the Vietnam Hepatobiliary Association and members of the Association's Executive Committee; World Health Organization delegation in Vietnam with Chief Representative Dr. Angela Pratt; with doctors from major hospitals across the country such as Bach Mai Hospital, Central Military Hospital 108, Cho Ray Hospital, Hue Central Hospital, Central Tropical Diseases Hospital, Tropical Hospital Ho Chi Minh City, Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine, Viet Duc Hospital, Hanoi Medical University Hospital, Military Hospital 103, Military Hospital 354, Thanh Nhan Hospital, Hanoi Oncology Hospital, Nhan Dan Hospital 115 people in Ho Chi Minh City...

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 1,100,000 deaths each year due to hepatitis B and C; 9,400,000 cases were treated for chronic hepatitis C; 10% of chronic hepatitis B cases are diagnosed and of these 22% are treated; 42% of babies globally receive a dose of hepatitis B after birth.

In that context, Traphaco always accompanies the Vietnam Hepatobiliary Association to organize the annual National Hepatobiliary Conference on World Hepatitis Day July 28th every year, with the aim of raising awareness of viral hepatitis. , causes hepatitis leading to serious illness and liver cancer, updates on new information in the prevention and treatment of hepatobiliary conditions.

On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day 2023, Traphaco also participated in giving gifts to hepatitis patients in difficult circumstances and policy beneficiaries at the Central Tropical Diseases Hospital. This is an activity in Traphaco's social responsibility work, with the desire to spread the message "proactively take care of the liver before it's too late".

The liver is considered a protective barrier for the body against toxic elements entering through the digestive tract. At the same time, it reduces toxicity and eliminates some substances created during the body's metabolism. The liver also has the function of digestion, converting food into substances necessary for the body. With a role that can be compared to a chemical factory of the body, the liver needs care to avoid being "infringed" or "overloaded".

In addition to patients with liver disease, healthy people still experience signs of impaired liver function such as skin darkening in women, pimples, men's loss of appetite, indigestion, fatigue due to work pressure and unscientific lifestyle. This explains why the market for liver-nourishing and detoxifying health care drugs and foods is constantly growing, with more and more new active ingredients being researched and put into use to protect the liver on a daily basis. Product lines for the liver are also gradually specialized, integrating more effects to meet people's needs.

Among the complementary products for the "detox factory", in 1999, Boganic liver tonic officially entered the Vietnamese hepatobiliary medicine market. And from 2013 until now, Boganic has continuously ranked first in the hepatobiliary medicine market. Market experts say: Quality is the key point that has helped Boganic succeed and stand firmly in the market for nearly 25 years.

Traphaco has continuously researched, invested and innovated to improve product quality, not satisfied with the top position and current successes. Specifically, being proactive in sourcing raw materials that meet GACP-WHO standards. In particular, the artichoke extract also meets the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia, affirming Boganic's outstanding quality and Traphaco's tireless efforts.

Boganic is now not just the story of a simple product that helps nourish the liver, cool the liver, and detoxify, but has developed into a group of comprehensive solutions for many liver health problems, led by Boganic Premium. People can also go to pharmacies nationwide to get advice on other specialized liver tonic products such as:

• Boganic Lippi: reserved for people with high liver enzymes, high blood cholesterol, and atherosclerosis

• Boganic Kid Syrup: exclusively for children from 6 months old with allergies, rashes, atopic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis (weather, food, pollen...)

• Boganic Herbal Tea: bottled water to help cool you down every day

With the mission of "creating green products to care for human health", Traphaco always makes continuous efforts in the journey to protect Vietnamese people's liver.

Some pictures:

Mr. Kim Dong Hyu – Executive Vice CEO of Traphaco Joint Stock Company participated in the Conference and gave gifts to patients

Traphaco gave gifts to hepatitis patients in difficult circumstances and policy beneficiaries at the Central Tropical Diseases Hospital

Prof. Dr. Le Trung Hai - Chairman of the Vietnam Hepatobiliary Association spoke at the Conference

Dr. Angela Pratt - WHO Representative in Vietnam spoke at the Conference

The Conference Organizing Committee awarded medals to sponsors

Delegates attending the seminar visited and learned about Traphaco's liver protection products

Traphaco Joint Stock Company participated in the Conference and spread the message "Proactively take care of your liver before it's too late" on World Hepatitis Day 2023